domingo, 24 de enero de 2010

JANUARY 02, 2010

Therefore leave your selfish interests, like the desire to stand out or being admired, aside, carry on your work, and if possible, in silence without calling anyone's attention.

Greetings from Alpha Starship!

Several times we have said that the situation during 2010 will be difficult, if we see it from a physical point of view, but very rewarding and of great interior development for all those of you that are working for the planet and its living creatures.

Even though there will be certain planetary events in some specific places, nothing should disturb you or take you away from the work that you should do during these worldwide changing times. You have our certainty that nothing will happen to you, as we are monitoring each one of you, so in case of danger we could immediately rescue you. Even some of you have been contacted before, all though you do not consciously remember, and some microchips have been implanted in certain part of your anatomy, that we better not reveal its location, so you can be found at any moment we need to know your exact location. Absolutely you should not take this as a lost of your freedom or intimacy, as our intention is only to help you quickly in case you need help or assistance of any type, either to yourself or to someone that is near you.

There are people in your planet (Earth) that have reached a great spiritual development, and that fully satisfies us and make us feel proud of you, as we know that your not in an ideal environment to carry out a spiritual life. Nevertheless, Light in some souls is so powerful that dissipates the darkness that fights for getting into your minds and habits. By our latent psychic powers, we enhance and increase the Light within you, but we cannot change the wrong decisions you may take, in case you make a mistake, since it's necessary that you also learn through errors and the correction of those errors made. If you make any type of mistake, is always due to your lack of connection with your interior Self, since It will always will tell you the right path. Therefore it's of vital importance for you that you get connected, if not continuously at least often with your inner consciousness, this will assure you take the right decisions and that you choose the appropriate track at every moment.

From our big Spaceship we do what we can to help you to irradiate more that Interior Light, and with many of you we have got it easily, nevertheless in some cases the ego or the personality of the contacted person makes our work difficult, so we must be patient and wait that person works more over himself, until he gets a more humble attitude in some cases or more gentle and inoffensive, among others, just to name the two major impediments we have found. In any case, help from us is available for you at all times, and if our contribution doesn't achieve the expected benefit, it is because of conscious or unconscious blocking by the person we are trying to help. Therefore leave your selfish interests, like the desire to stand out or being admired, aside, carry on your work, and if possible, in silence without calling anyone's attention. As the Master said 2000 years ago, so that “your left hand doesn't know what your right hand do”, this is, by working for the good of the Earth's Evolutionary Plan, but without being noticed by the others, since the only thing that you should care is the little sand grain that you can contribute with. Yes, it is only a little sand grain, but one over here and one over there will turn the entire mission into a success and our planetary rescue work come to fruition. As many of you unselfishly offer to help the achievement of this Divine Plan, greater will be the success possibility and at a greater level.

Continue with your work without waiting any reward for your job, since when you can live in a planet clean of all pollution and free of opposing forces that have had the control over you for thousands of years, that will be enough rewarding. And that day, believe us, is not too far.

With the help of all of you, and our cooperation, we will sure see our effort crowned with success.

Love and Light from Alfa Starship.

Source: Commander Sohin
Channel: Kris-Won
translator: Gloria

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