domingo, 24 de enero de 2010

JANUARY 08, 2010

The more subtly the energy from he gets nourished is, the lighter his physical body will become and the more energy and the magnetic fluids which surround his aura will rise.

Greetings from Alfa Spaceship!

People from all over the world who have never had interest into spiritual themes are now having it. This is being motivated by the bombardment we are now beaming on all of the planet’s surface with a kind of energy which subtly stimulates pineal and pituitary glands which have correspondence to another vibratory level with frontal and coronary chakras, and this provokes among other symptoms, that mind gets away from materialistic or worldly issues, to approach itself into those which have links with non superficial physics of non matter, namely Pure Energy. Pure Energy manifests itself intrinsically in varied forms of sub-energies, some of them are not known by human kind of this planet, but it is also not our intention to make them known before its due time. You must have patience; when it is moment, these and other things will be transmitted to absolutely all human beings who are to inhabit the Earth’s surface in this new time which is now starting to get envisioned and dyes with its initial golden rays the geography and living beings of this wonderful blue planet.

There is so much information, so many teachings we desire to start transmitting to you! It is our dream that the moment for us arrive to share with you so many things you still do not know, but they will help you by training you so you can progress in your lives much further than the level you are now. We are speaking about improving your health, implanting new healing techniques which are much more advanced than those you utilize until now; we are speaking about transport means, much more innocuous to environment and the possibility for you to take advantage of the resources you have available in the nature itself, which are FREE; we are speaking of auto relaxation techniques and personal energy recharge, that will help you on feeling happy and joyful; and we are definitely speaking of helping you on projecting yourselves so you do not live an egocentric life; but a life of love and harmony along the other human beings and with all living beings that surround you.

The fantastic beings you have read in your story books indeed exist, it is only that they are in more subtly planes than the physical one, thus they remain invisible to your physical eyes. We will definitely and finally teach you, as soon as we have made contact, to firstly be able to see them and know them, and then to also maintain a brotherly and harmonic relationship of interrelation. Many of them desire that, as they also envision that their peaceful and harmonic encounter is near; others are still distrusting of human beings, as they have seen you committing atrocities with other realms for many years, especially with the animal kingdom, to which they are internally very well connected.

There are some species of nature beings that maintain a more intimate and nearer relationship with the animal kingdom than with the human one; and it is not rare, as man sometimes kills for “sport” or caprice to his brethren the animals, while they only do that to get nourished. Man is the cruellest living being on the Earth’s surface, because he unnecessarily kills other living creatures. But all of this will change, and the photonic energy that we are now beaming to the planet will make that you recognize that your basic nourishment should come from the plant kingdom, and that the animal kingdom should not be slaughtered as it has been doing to become human being’s food. Human being should advance into a higher energetic level and he will only achieve this when he changes the way he gets nourished. The more subtly the energy from he gets nourished is, the lighter his physical body will become and the more energy and the magnetic fluids which surround his aura will rise. This will become one of the most notorious characteristics in New Man, who will walk on this New Earth in this New Age.

We wait with hope and longing until this moment comes.

Love and Peace

Alfa Starship.


Source: Commander Sohin
Channel: Kris-Won
translator: Gloria

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