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JANUARY 11, 2010

What do we do in this huge Mothership? We monitor you, so we can know where you are and how your respectively ‘missions’ or works are being carried out within the physical body you temporarily occupy.

Greetings from Alpha Starship!

Dear brethren of Planet Earth, with great joy we contact you through our channel in Spanish, knowing that our communications are being translated to at least to two more languages, Portuguese and English. This will make our messages reach more homes where otherwise it would not reach them.

Well, during our telepathic transmissions with our channel we will be polishing several topics, according to our criteria depending on each moment you are experiencing, so you can be updated with the happenings that will be taking place.

We are located in a large scale spaceship, what you have come to call “wet nurse ship” [*1], this term makes us smile, not because it makes us laugh, but because it is a term that we could say adapts itself well to its mission. But we would put the name of “mother” ship, as a nurse is not the real mother of the babies she's taking care of, while a mother indeed is, and this adjusts itself better to reality, as we all share the generous “belly” of the “Mother” and we are part of a same Family. Then we have the Family of Orians, the Family of Pleyadians, the Family of Sirians, the Family of the Swans, etc. And the “mother” carries their children towards the place the “Father” has ordered, so His will be accomplished at every corner of the created Universe.

What do we do in this huge Mothership? We monitor you, so we can know where you are and how your respectively ‘missions’ or works are being carried out within the physical body you temporarily occupy. That is on one side, and on the other side, we rescue samples and models of life forms from your planet, and we move them to our ship and there we make a pertinent healing in some cases, or a transformation or transmutation in others, depending on the process made. We also go about transferring to the planet’s surface members of our team who accomplish tasks of arid lands recovery to avoid they become a dessert and helping them to recover its greenery using land re-hydration techniques, by attracting water from the subsoil to the surface. If we wouldn't be doing this, by now a third of your terrestrial cortex would have already become desert-like lands. Of course you are not aware of this, but we are telling you this so you can know a little more about the tasks we usually take care of from Alpha Starship. Another mission we have is that of counteracting contamination your factories, your wastes and vehicles of transport generate in the terrestrial atmosphere and in watery places, which are in its environment very sensitive to any external interference. Fish and birds also suffer from this pollution, and our dear little brethren vibrate of joy when they have been assisted by our technicians on environmental decontamination. Every life form is precious to us, and our scientists do not skimp efforts to ostensibly improve the environment in which they work with. What unconscious human beings litter and impoverish, your brethren of space should clean it one more time to return it to its pristine original condition. What a work you give us, little brethren!

Yes, yes, we know that it is not all of you who litter and contaminate your atmosphere, and oceans (thanks to God) and each time more of you rise your voices to make more of your brethren aware of respecting and taking good care of the environment. Well we also have a little to do with this aperture, as have influenced your minds so you can realize what contaminating and deteriorating is and how beautiful your world is! You cannot imagine how beautiful your world is and how beautiful it looks from outside! Some day you will be able to contemplate your beautiful planet from a considerable and appropriate distance so you will be able to enjoy it with your physical eyes, and so will you with the non-physical ones!

Well, we have told you a little about us, so you will not be saying: “What in the world is Alpha Starship?” (we laugh).

We say good-bye by now, and we tell you that we love you a lot, and that we will not get tired of helping you as long as you need us.

Peace and Love.

Alpha Starship-
[*1] In Spanish we use the term "Nave Nodriza" to the main ship which is a base for other smaller ships where they get fueled, get their provisions,etc. "Nave" is a Ship, Nodriza means in Spanish a mother who feeds a baby who is not hers. So she provides the baby of milk when the authentic mother cannot provide it; in other words someone who feeds other baby(babies) with her own milk. So that's the meaning. I looked for that term in on line dictionaries and it says "wet-nurse". That is what I thought would be the proper translated word, but my colleague of translations, Teddy, thinks a better term for this may be "nursemaid", who is a person who not only may feed a baby but someone who also take care of children.


Source: Commander Sohin
Channel: Kris-Won
translator: Gloria

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