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Alpha Spaceship - May 4, 2010. On this occasion I feel that there are more presences in addition to Commander Sohin...

KRIS-WON: I feel a sudden increase in temperature in the room where I channel. On this occasion I feel that there are more presences in addition to Commander Sohin...

SOHIN: Greetings to all. It is a pleasure for me to also bring you in contact with some of my spiritual Brothers. First, I give way to my brother Saint Germain.

SAINT GERMAIN: I take this opportunity that my brother Sohin gives to me and also our brother Kris-Won as a channel, for you to get a message that--although brief--is of great relevance in the modern times we are living in.

You know that Gaia is modifying her distinct energies, both the physical as well as the subtle, to continue with her evolution in the planetary process of Ascension to a higher degree of vibration. We know that you circulate on the Internet a wide range of versions with respect to how and why the physical changes are occurring on Mother Earth that are originating within Her physical form.

Gaia is correcting the rotation of her axis so that it is perfectly straight and not slightly inclined as it has been until now. This modification in her rotation must be done slowly, since it would cause violent earthquakes that would be fatal to many communities of human beings, to the animals, and to the plants. Although Mother Earth is gradually making the change of rotation, without doubt it is inevitably going to produce some Earth movements and subsequent flooding in certain parts of the globe.

Be prepared for these events, not with fear, but with the confidence that it will be something that is necessary for the intervening change that you are all waiting for. Keep it up and don't be afraid, because you are not alone in this; we accompany armies and armies of light-beings who will give you vigor and courage to handle all the changes that lie ahead, with faith and hope that the best will come from all of this. After the storm the sun will return to shine, with more intensity and luminosity than ever.

Now I step aside for another Brother who wants to say some words to you.

ASHTAR SHERAN: I wrap all my brothers and sisters of Planet Earth with a blanket of light and I say to you, let whatever happens, happen. We will be by your side, so that no one who unselfishly lives in consciousness and is concerned for the rest of his brothers, is unprotected when a structural change takes place at certain points on the planet.

Each and every one of you who are treading the spiritual path is tracked by us from the central computers on our ships, and in case you find yourselves in grave danger, we respond promptly to rescue you and transfer you to a place that is safe and sound. So even though you know many changes will occur on your planet, also know that nothing will happen to you, that you are being watched and protected by our technological equipment, that when some day you are introduced to it all, you will be astounded at its sophistication and remarkable effectiveness of its operations.

Fear nothing, dear friends, since we always accompany you in any place you go.

Finally, I make way for the last of our three companions.

SAMANA, SANANDA, YESHUA / JESUS: Ha ha! Thanks, Kris-Won, for writing several of the names that I am known by. Well, actually, any one of them would have sufficed. I AM the energy known as the Son, not being the only son of the Father, since we are all children of God, as creations of his, but because I have come to the spiritual understanding that my Father and I are One, and that there is no real difference between Him and Me. Everyone who comes to understand this Truth, will become a true Son of God, manifesting the third of three aspects or facets of the Divinity: Father, Mother and Son.

In its aspect of FATHER, He is the Creator of all the Cosmos and all the myriad creatures that inhabit it; He speaks to us through the voice of the consciousness within us. Its MOTHER aspect is all that surrounds us in the manifestation of nature, at the planetary, solar, galactic and cosmic levels; She addresses us through Love, which is the core principle behind all force in the Universe. And in its SON aspect, we are every bit of this aspect, alive and conscious beings who know we are a creation of the Divine Will, and that some day we will return back to the Source from which everything comes, that BEING all love, all good and all light, that has been called multiple and distinct forms by all Its Children in the Cosmos.

Goodness begets goodness. All attuned beings are attracted by the Law of Attraction. Where two or more of you gather in My name, know that I'll be there, pouring out My blessings upon you, breathing my breath into your tired hearts from the daily struggles of the world, which is so exhausting and difficult to overcome; I know it very well. If I have come today, it is because you yourselves have called Me, through your love and your desires to serve the Divine Plan, willing to sacrifice, if it is necessary, to bring forth the plane of reality that is now an embryo of the New World, which is making its appearance thanks to the joint efforts of all of you.

I embrace and bless you, not once but a thousand times.

Peace and Love

Sources: Commander Sohin, Saint Germain, Ashtar Sheran, and Jesus
Channel: Kris-Won
Translator: Steve
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